Welcome To The Family

To us, home is so much more than a place that you choose to live. Home is a feeling. It’s security. It’s love. Home is in the things you see and touch, feel and taste. We carry home with us in our hearts, in our minds and in everything we do. It’s what shapes us as human beings. Home, is who we are. And it’s with that epiphany that we founded “Meet me In Alaska.”   Read our posts about the wonderful things to do in Alaska!    Don’t forget to check out all our special Alaska merchandise, all made with love from our family to yours!

2 years ago
Mike R.
This is crazy! I never thought a 2yo would care about clothes but anytime we're heading to the park my son says "Dad! Dat, gimme dat!"haha! I didn't expect a shirt I got online would be my son's 'go-to' haha! I'm definitely coming back for more guys!
2 years ago
I just love these so much. I saw them and said "Yes! I have to have that." And I bought 2 🙂 Thank you for what you do. It is all truly lovely
2 years ago
Tyler L.
Dude the POW shirt OWNS and I don't even live in Alaska! Lol - keep it coming MMIA!
2 years ago
Kendra Lee
Love, Love, LOVE my hoodie! Not only is it lovely, so are the owners!!! If ya don't know, NOW YA KNOW
3 years ago
Adeline S.
Everything I have purchased I love. The two Alaska necklaces were just what I wanted. One is worn by my six year old granddaughter in Kansas and the other by me.